Coffee miracles against cellulite

How long have you been struggling to get rid of orange-peel skin? If you’re not among the lucky ones who have perfect legs and a nice smooth bottom, then you might find this revealing! Stop throwing away your coffee grounds after having your coffee, cause it might be of great ...

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Whiter teeth – the healthy way

teeth final

Having healthy white teeth is more than just an aesthetic choice nowadays, it’s more of a necessity. And this is why so many articles about teeth whitening have appeared. The problem is… how do you know which is for real and which is not? Well, I talked to my dentist ...

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Full body skincare

body skincare final

When it comes to skincare, the biggest mistake most people do is to stop right under the chin. I know that legs for example are not as sensitive as the skin from our face, but, if you wanna be prepared 24/7 for any kind of event, it’s time you started ...

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Tips for good looking hair

hair tips final

The times when hairspray and mousse were our gods are long gone and now, what actually catches the eye isn’t elaborate hairstyles, but healthy looking, shiny hair with a lot of movement. I don’t think it is too hard to achieve this, especially if you pay attention to what actually ...

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Anti-aging tips and tricks

anti aging final

Today, when most of the world is polluted and sun is burning a bit too much, having a young skin is hard. If we add on top the unrealistic idea that we should all look in real life the way models look after photoshop we’re down on a path that ...

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Get rid of ingrown hair & scars

ingrown hair aha

Ingrown hair is a problem most of us girls have at east from time to time. Maybe January doesn’t seem to be the time when you’d care about this, but remember, scars don’t heal over night, and neither do miracles happen that fast either.  So, let’s see what’s the best way ...

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