Natural ways to heal cold sores

This condition is extremely unsightly and unpleasant, it takes a few days to heal and often requires local treatment. But no need to panic, to run the pharmacy immediately or use tons of foundation. Fortunately, you can get rid of it quickly if you use these natural treatments since the first signs.

Black tea is the first natural solution available to everyone to get rid of herpes. It is an antioxidant and antiviral, having anti-inflammatory properties also. Just grab a teabag of black tea, soak it for a few minutes in hot water, then apply it on the cold sore for several minutes. Also, you can prepare a highly concentrated black tea, dip in it small packs and fix them over herpes with a patch. You will see that the area looks better immediately.

Dab herpes with propolis tincture and shortly it forms a protective layer which allows the beginning of healing process.

Propolis has in the composition silicon, magnesium, amino acids and cobalt, but also antibiotic substances which gives it healing properties. Also, propolis has antiviral effect which prevents the spread of the virus.

Baking soda is one of the oldest natural treatments against herpes and really works! It is especially effective against itching. Mix a little baking soda with water, soak bandages and apply on herpes. You can leave it as much as you want to quickly dry the herpes and prevent itching.

Another natural remedy that has proven effective in treating herpes is garlic. Because of its antioxidant properties, garlic is recommended even after the first eruption. Cut in half a clove of garlic and press on the affected area for active substances to take effect in the shortest time. Even if it stings, you should not remove garlic. You can apply a clove of garlic three times a day, the last application being recommended at bedtime.

Natural ways to heal cold sores