Dark hair without hair dye

It’s winter outside, and the cold weather asks us for a more dark, gothic look. And one of the easiest ways to get that, is to just slightly darken your hair. Of course, make-up should help, but we’re not talking about that here. Anyway, since probably lots of you aren’t comfortable with harsh hair dye, I’ll tell you some natural and easy ways to do it.

Black Tea

One of the easiest ways to darken hair, using only what you’ve got in the kitchen, is to reach that black tea that you barely use in the morning. Make some strong tea (maybe 1l or so) and let it cool down. Use this next time you shower (but preferably not later then 1 day – it gets weird, trust me) after you apply your shampoo. Rinse your hair with this, and then apply a small amount of conditioner. Rinse again and you’re good to go. You should see results in about 3 weeks or so (if you’re washing your hair at least 2 times/week). The only downside is that once you stop using it, the color will fade quickly.


Delicious Coffee

Another way to do it (using again a morning elixir) is with coffee. The steps are pretty much the same, so it’s no big deal. Just make sure the coffee is very strong, and that you rinse properly with cool-ish water after you use it. If you won’t, don’t blame me if you’re stuck with slightly sticky hair!

I’ve also heard about putting soy sauce, cocoa or mustard oil on your hair, but, to be honest, I don’t actually believe in that. But what I know for sure that will work (and it’s kinda temporary, because that’s what we’re talking here about) is black walnut.

Black Walnut – miracle nut 

Here you can either use black walnut powder, or, if you want to keep it easy, just go and grab some nuts from the tree. Its important for them to be fresh, so the pigment is “full power”. Boil them for 30 minutes or so, and allow the liquid to cool down. Like always, use it after you wash your hair (using it before leads to more then 50% of the color being washed out by shampoo). but don’t keep it on your hair for more than 20 minutes, cause it can work like an acid.. and you don’t want that.  This one is the strongest method, but be aware: this stains EVERYTHING! So make sure use use gloves when applying it on your hair, and restrain yourself from touching too many stuff. Also, the pot you’re using to boil the walnuts won’t look brand new afterwards *wink*.  Aaah, and take care of your neck and forehead (applying some greasy cream before using the dye should help).

These are the methods that I would suggest for getting a darker hair color. Bear in mind though, that this works best on light and medium hair tones. And if you decide to quit the temporary solution.. you can always use henna..  but I’ll talk about that another time.

Enjoy your winter! And if you’ve got any questions, ideas, requests or simply wanna say hi, don’t forget to use the comment form!

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