Make your own deodorant

All conventional deodrants contain aluminium compounds that are proven to cause neurological damage, cancer and inflamation of the sweat glands. That is why, a very handy and healthy solution is making your own deodorant at home.

One thing is certain, sweat itself does not smell. It’s the bacteria and toxins the body releases through sweat that cause the bad odour. So it is the bad smell we are supposed to combat not the sweat as regular antiperspirants do. Never buy products that block the sweating as it’s very dangerous to stop the body from eliminating toxins.

Even though nowadays a lot of stores carry an array of deodorants made with natural ingredients, I have 3 recipes for you that are so easy and cheap to make it would be a pity not to.

Powder deodorant 

1 satchet of sodium bicarbonate

70gr organic corn starch

a few drops of tea tree oil

Mix togheter in an air-tight container an use moderately on the armpits.

Cream deodorant – ideal after waxing or shaving

1 satchet of sodium bicarbonate

3 tablespoons of shea butter

1 tablespoon of coconut oil

a few drops of tea tree oil

Slightly heat the shea butter and coconut oil enough to make the liquid, add the bicarbonate and essential oil and mix togheter. Store in an air-tight container and apply using your fingers

Solid deodorant 

1 satchet of sodium bicarbonate

2 tablespoons of shea butter

a few drops of tea tree oil

Heat the shea butter enough to be able to mix in the sodium bicarbonate and store in a deo-stick type recipient.

Instead of tea tree oil you can use your essential oil of choice in any of the recipes but i recomend the tea tree oil for it’s fantastic antiseptic properties and herbal aroma.