The power of paper sheets

We all have paper sheets or napkins in our kitchens, bathrooms, or at least in one drawer. We use them when eating, when cleaning… but do we use them in beauty?

Over the last months I’ve realized that paper sheets are a real gold mine when it comes to beauty tricks: both make-up and skin care. So, today I’m gonna tell you about some of the usages that I’ve found for these products. First of all, I’m talking here about plain old paper sheets that you can find for 50 cents at any local market. Just make sure they’re with cotton fiber (most of them are) and have 3 layers. Now.. let’s get to business:


1. The most important thing that you can do with paper sheets is to dry your face after cleansing. Why would you use this instead of towels? Mostly because it’s cleaner, easier to store, cheap and not that harsh on your skin. Of course, you could use a washcloth, but be honest.. would you change it daily? And I promise you that after 1 or 2 weeks with this change in your routine, you will see results. I definitely did and I don’t plan on ever going back to towels.

2. Another thing that you can do, especially if you have oily skin, is to blot your face – I’m talking abut your T-zone – when you’re looking or feeling shiny. Coffee filters should also work pretty good.

3. Do you know Korean Face Masks?  They’re getting pretty popular around the globe, and one of their mist important characteristics is that most of them are sheet masks. But let me tell you a secret: You don’t need to order online and wait for 2 to 3 weeks to get to use that fancy mask, you can easily do it home by yourself. Just apply your regular mask (or honey for example), then put one layer of paper sheet over it, and then add more of that mask. This way it will stay in place and you’ll end with a nice hydrated skin. Ta daaa!

Now… let’s go to Make-up

1. Lips! Matte lips. They’re in this season, and they also look extremely classy. But if you haven’t found the perfect lip color in matte, or maybe you just love your glossy summer lipstick color, you should know that a paper sheet is your savior. Just apply your regular lipstick, then dab your lips with a tissue, apply some mattifying power over it, and then repeat the same procedure over again. You’ll end up with an amazing matte color that will also last very long. Good to go now!

2. Eyes. To be more precise, lashes. Don’t use your mascara they way it comes out the tube. Rather wipe it on that sheet for more natural looking lashes with no clumps.

Of course, there are a lot of other ways to do use paper sheets, but these are the main reasons I recommend them. But I promise to come back later with a recipe for make-up remover, so stay tuned!

paper sheets beauty secrets 2