Hair care – diy hair treatments

Having thick, healthy, shiny hair is a wish that we all have. I’d also say long, unless you want to keep those bangs short (which is indeed an amazing look if you can pull it of). But because of stress, irritant shampoos, pollution and so many more, our hair doesn’t always look as we want it to look. So here we are, looking for miracle products that can hide the damage already done. Yet, no matter what commercials tell us, those are not that easy to be found.

Before getting to the treatments that I already tested on myself, I must tell you that I have looong hair, that at some point had lots of split ends. And no matter what I tried (drugstore, luxury or home made treatments) nothing glued back that broken hair. Therefore, just go get a trim to get rid of everything that makes your hair look back and then let’s focus on making it grow faster, stronger and healthier.


Longer hair & Hair loss

If your problem is getting your hair longer, I can see why the previous point might not seem attractive. But let me tell you that split ends actually make your hair shorter in time, because they tend to break the end of your hair strands faster. Instead, you should focus more on not losing hair (the longer it stays on your head, the longer it gets, right?). For that I suggest using castor oil. I know it has a weird consistency, but if you warm it up a bit, you’ll have no problem distributing it all over your scalp. Even better, ask your best friend to come over and give each other a nice scalp massage while applying it. Leave it on for at least one hour (preferably while having your head covered) and then wash your hair at least twice. Just make sure there’s no oil left there to clog pores. I have seen a reduction in hair loss in just 2 weeks. Yay!

Shiny hair

If you think your hair is not shiny enough, don’t run to the first store to buy a shine mousse or spray. Rather, take care of the problem that restrains your hair from looking amazing. Buy a mild shampoo with no sulfates or silicone in order not to dry your hair more and reach for some coconut oil. This oil is absolutely amazing. It hydrates and protects, leaving you with gorgeous  hair. Just apply it all over your hair, insisting on the driest parts. It’s no problem if it also gets on your scalp, so no worries. Put on a warm towel and then go read a book or watch your favorite show. If you have time, you could also leave it through the night for better results. Then just normally wash your hair (again, at least 2 times) and voila! Do you like it?

And before saying goodbye for today: don’t even think of putting beer on your hair. I have heard this myth, but believe me: alcohol is just going to dry out your hair on the long run, no matter how it will look after the first application.

diy hair treatment