Milia removal – with no scars

Milia is a skin problem that many of us confront with. It’s those little white bumps on your skin, especially around your eyes, and no, it’s not acne.

The problem with Milia is that it doesn’t seem to go away. For example I’ve been having one spot near my right eye for 3 years. I tried to pinch it as I would with a normal spot (don’t throw rocks, please!) but that only left my sensitive skin red and hurting. That happens because Milia is a drop of fat that is caught between 2 layers of skin and does not have an exit point of its own.

If you want to get rid of it, there are 2 ways (this will sound cruel, but don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it may seem):

1. make a small hole in your skin to squeeze it out.

2. “melting” the skin layer that’s above it.

Noooow.. don’t get scared, I’ll explain how to do it and why it actually is safe.

Hole in my skin? What?

For the first one, you first need to cleanse and then exfoliate with an efficient product. Afterwards just lance the milia slightly, only to make a small exit point. Gently press the milia out, without being to harsh on the skin around. Here i”ll give you one more tip that also works on spots: Don’t keep your fingertips too close to the (milia)spot, since that will rather push it deeper into the skin than push it out.

Cleanse the place with an antibacterial solution and apply a calming mask (or maybe chamomile tea that you kept in the fridge) and you’re done. In 1-2 days you won’t even be able to see where the milia was.

Melting skin.. no way

For this part we’ll be cheating a bit. That means the ingredients you need aren’t all to be found in your kitchen, but mostly at a local pharmacy. This will take longer time (somewhere around 2-3 months) but it’s very effective and it will also help preventing milia: so, exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! I’m taking about AHA acids here (it’s not as bad as it sounds). Those should help clear all the dead skin on your face and keep your complexion looking radiant. This is what I used in the last 3 months and one evening I just realized my spot looked a bit different.. I squeezed it a bit and that was it. So here I am now, dancing with joy and hoping this helped you at least a bit. If you’re looking for AHA acids you can find tons  online, or just ask at any pharmacy.

Just make sure you also apply SPF protection after using them. This one is easier if you don’t feel comfortable with a needle close to your eyes. But be careful with the product application: it should not get into your eyes.

Do you know any other way of getting rid of milia?

milia diy 1