DIY scrub tips and recipes

When wanting to get silky hydrated skin, exfoliating the dead cells is a must. Of course, we can find lots of scrubs in any store, but is it worth it to buy one, instead of doing it yourself at home? I think it is not and I guarantee that you can make the perfect scrub while only using ingredients from your kitchen and bathroom. And this one will be adapted to your own needs.

First, some basic information that you need about scrubs:

  • the exfoliating ingredient in it should be something that is small enough as not to hurt your skin. I find coffee to be suitable for that, but sugar and salt can also do the trick.
  • the ingredients should be well mixed together and the final result should be like a cream: not too dry, not too liquid.


Now.. I was talking about coffee, salt and sugar. The last two are awesome because they tend to dissolve in water, so there’s no mess to worry about. But be careful because sugar tends to be a a bit harsh (the crystals are quite big), while the salt tends to be a bit drying. Still, nothing you can’t solve with a drop of oil. Coffee, on the other hand, is a bit oily by itself, therefore, if you’re one of those who prefer to feel their skin squishy clean, you should reconsider.

Now, depending on how you plan to use it (before/after soap or instead of soap) and the way you want your skin to feel afterwards, consider the ingredients.

If you want to use both scrub and shower gel I recommend this recipe:

250g of coffee (salt or sugar) + 3 tbs of coconut oil + 1 tbs of Shea butter + some shower oil (until it gets the consistency you like). If you want to feel your skin like you already applied some lotion, feel free to add more Shea butter. Instead of coconut oil you can always put almond oil or whatever cosmetic oil you prefer. (just don’t add cooking oil, mkey?)

If you want to use your scrub instead of shower gel.. well that’s simple:

250g of coffee (salt or sugar) + 1tbs of Shea butter + shower gel (as much as you need to get the consistency you like).

So, you see, making your own scrub is quite easy and you bypass the problems that drugstore scrubs come with: some are waaay too oily (yes, I’ve tried some and they reached the garbage can after the first use), some are way to harsh (salt and irritating soap for dry skin? no way)

If you have any questions about this subject just leave them in a comment below. Or if you have another great scrub recipe, I’d love to hear about it!

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