Grow out your eyebrows with oils

We’re not in the ’80s anymore, and thin round eyebrows have stopped being in trend for quite a while. Meanwhile, strong brows are something to be seen more and more often on the catwalk, on the street, in the magazines. Pretty much everywhere.

But remember how much you loved the tweezers when you were in the 9th grade? Well, that might have left you with some empty space in your brows. But no worries, it can still be undone.

Castor oil is one of the remedies you probably have already heard about, and yes, it is indeed one that works. But the trick here isn’t only about the type of oil you’re using, but more of how you apply it. Since castor oil is quite think, be careful so you won’t apply too much. The point isn’t to drown your eyebrows in oil, but to apply it in a thin layer exactly where it needs to be: at the roots. Also, you should massage it into the skin instead of just leaving it there, because all the magic happens in the follicles, not on the length of the hair.

You could apply this treatment either every night or once every two days. Do this in the evening because there are less chances you go in places where there’s a lot of dust waiting to stick to your eyebrows and skin. Use this treatment for 2 months and you should be able to see great results.. and restrain yourself from further plucking! I know it’s hard, I know you might feel tempted to quite because you think your brows look horrible (i’ve been there), but just don’t. Instead use a brow pencil and draw thin lines to make them look fuller.

Another remedy I tried and know that works is avocado oil. It works pretty much the same as castor oil, but it is easier to massage into skin. If you want to enhance the hair growth, you could also add some vitamin E to the oils before you apply it. Just make sure you make the mixture every 2-3 days, since vitamins tend to break when in contact with air or light.

Also, don’t forget to exfoliate the skin underneath and around your brows once a week. And remember, thick eyebrows make you look so much younger. Isn’t that worth just 2 months of patience?

grow brows


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