Large pores myths busted + tested treatments

Having large pores is one of the problems lots of girls with oily skin (and not only) complain about. They don’t look particularly good on clean skin, but if you feel like adding a drop of luminizer.. well, you’re in trouble.

Yet, there’s no point in turning to matte, complex make-up just to hide your pores. Especially now when dewy make-up is so in trend. So, let’s stop covering and start treating instead.

You might have already heard of using ice and/or lemon in order to make them look smaller. My advice? Don’t do it! Firstly because both of these tend to irritate your skin: ice is to harsh and will only give the appearance of smaller pores for maximum of one minute and lemon is extremely acid and can lead to brown spots if exposed to sun. Actually, you need to learn that pores don’t just shrink.. and grow, and shrink and so on.  The reason that makes them look bigger is that they’re full of sebum inside that is unable to properly distribute itself on the skin. In time, they can even turn to blackheads.

Therefore, the only thing that will help you here is proper cleanse and something that will go deep into the pores and take out all that oil. Lucky us, this magic product is already invented. It is called BHA (it stand for beta hydroxy acid) and it is perfect when fighting with acne, large pores or blackheads. You can find it as a finished product is pharmacies, or you can try to make a mask with the same properties at home.

How? Well, I bet you have some aspirins in your drawer! They contain salicylic acid and this ingredient works like a proper BHA. So, here’s the mask:

Grind 2 aspirins as fine as you can and add 2 tbs of honey. Mix this and apply it on your clean face for 10 to 15 minutes (depends on how sensitive your skin is). After that, wash your face with warm (not hot water) and apply some thermal water. If you don’t have that, mineral water is still better than nothing. Than, just go on with your proper skin routine. Don’t forget to apply SPF protection since your skin is more prone to sunburn after using BHA. I’d recommend using this mask 3 times a week. If you use it more often you might irritate your skin and do more damage than good, and if you forget to apply it.. well, no results will come.

PS. I forgot to mention: steam baths don’t work either, ok? Don’t torture your skin if you don’t need to.

large pores mask