Get rid of dark circles!

When life is on fast-forward, our sleep hours decrease, while stress levels get higher and higher. And that is one thing that tends to show on our faces.

Skin looks dull, ashy, eyes are tired.. and the undereye area? wha, puffiness and dark circles.

Of course there’s always makeup you could use to hide them, but I like to think that treating is always better than covering; Plus, I tend to keep my make-up for more special occasions, instead of using it every second of my life. Skin gotta breathe a bit, trust me!

So.. what is there to be done when you wake up with puffy eyes and look like you haven’t actually slept in days? Go to the fridge, of course! You’ve probably already heard the idea of putting ice cold tea or tea bags under your eyes. Yes, that’s one trick, but you have to pay attention to what tea you’re using. What you actually are looking for is something that contains caffeine. Of course you could just say: coffee! That, as well as black tea should give results, but, the problem that both have is that they stain the skin. Better than these and with no side effects is green tea. Just take two tea bags, dip them in boiling water and then put them in the freezer. After they’re all cold, just apply them on your eyes (make sure the undereye area is also covered) and lay on your back for 10 minutes or so.

Other effective treatments are cucumbers and potatoes. You can either use slices (that preferably you kept in the fridge before) or make a mixture using their juice and some sweet almond oil. Take some cotton pads, soak them in the mixture that you prepared and apply them on your eyes. Pam pam.. 15 minutes later you’re gonna look rested and ready for the day.

One thing that you need to keep in mind though is that there’s no miracle cure for dark circles.. nothing that will make you look perfect in less than 10 minutes. But if you use any of the treatments that I told you about somewhere around 2 times per week, you will see amazing results in time. Also, make sure your skin is hydrated! Apply either an eye cream, or some cosmetic oil (avocado, sweet almond, coconut – whichever suits you well) and you’ll see this will give you beauty bonus points.

Hope it helped! Keep in touch, ladies!

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