Get rid of oily hair in seconds

You know those mornings where either the alarm clock stopped working, or that’s what you plan to say at school because you decided you wanted 10 more minutes in bed? Yes, we all did that at some point (and probably will again sooner or later).

But what if you wake up late and also forgot that you did not wash your hair the evening before? Ah, and you can’t find that bottle of dry shampoo, because why would it be there when you actually need it? Brrr, oily hair = horror scenario I guess..

The good part (yes, there’s one) is that you can survive the next 12 hours with only basic products that you have inside your bathroom or kitchen. You need something that absorbs oil and that doesn’t make you look like someone threw flower on top of your head. For this, there are two products that I personally like to use: baby powder and cocoa powder. What you need to do is to mix those ingredients and get a shade that suits your own hair color. For example, if you’re brunette add 1/10 baby powder and 9/10 cocoa powder. If you’re extremely light haired you can skip the cocoa for good.

Sounds easy, right? Buuuut before hurrying to put the mixture in your hair, pay attention to some small tricks that make all the difference with oily hair:

  1. comb your hair first, since the powders will tend to tangle your hair
  2. apply the mixture with a big, dry  kabuki/powder brush (also skate it a bit to drop the excess.. just the same you do with makeup)
  3. apply some perfume for awesome smelling hair.
  4. if your hair tends to get frizzy you can use a drop of oil to tame it; apply it as the last step, but only at the end of your hair. Don’t worry, this will also change the way it look s at the top, because it actually changes the shape it takes.

After rocking the day with your awesome looking hair, make sure you wash it in the evening. This is a temporary solution and I don’t recommend you use it the next day again. Plus, you don’t want all that powder getting on your face during the night, do you?

Anyway, this is what I do on the days when I am in a big hurry and so far so good. Of course you could always wear a ponytail, but there’s always good to have a plan B.. especially if you decide to keep your hair short enough.

oily roots hair diy 1