SOS – fast skincare tips

New Year’s party is knocking at the door, so I decided to bring together some of the fastest working skincare tips.

Pimples appearing out of the bloom?

If they’re the big monsters hidden under the skin, apply some ice as soon as you see it coming. After that, on clean and dry skin apply some strong BHA treatment. If you don’t have have that you could make a paste from plain old Aspirin and put it on that specific spot. Make sure you won’t spread all over your face, since it tends to be a bit drying. This will not make it disappear overnight, but will start the healing process from inside out (since BHA and salicylic acid go deep inside the pores) and will keep the redness as low as possible, making it very easy to cover.

If you’re fighting pimples with a small white dot at the top, I’d either recommend going to a good cosmetician or, no matter how hard it is, to leave it alone. I know you’ll think it’s easier to cover if it’s not there, but believe me, a small white dot can be easily covered with just a bit of concealer. Can’t say the same about a bigger red spot. Plus, if you pop it, the skin around it will look flaky when you put powder on.

Dark circles and undereye bags

First, make sure you’re using a fluffy pillow at night, and not a small flat one. The first one helps with the fluid circulation through you body and will make a very big difference with those puffy eyes. For dark circles you can use a mixture of cucumber and potato juice. I’d also suggest adding a bit of honey since it helps with moisturizing. Also, make sure you use a serum or eye cream. Hydrated skin tends to glow by itself, making the dark circles less perceptible.

Irritated and red skin?

This can be either because of the cold, a harsh product that you used, allergies etc. For this I suggest cleaning your face with a mild solution (I use a creamy one, created specially for dry, sensitive skin – but I promise it will work even if you have oily skin) and applying a calming mask. Try something very soothing (for example the hydrating mask from GlamGlow, or the anti-redness one from Avene) and keep it on your skin for an hour or so. Wash it with warm-ish water and dry your face with a paper towel.

If you’re wearing make-up, give up normal make-up remover or micellar water and use a make-up remover balm instead. If you don’t have one, just use an oil (coconut oil, almond oil.. any will do). The point is to be as gentle as you can with the skin, so apply the balm/oil and massage it until you feel the make-up is dissolved and then just rinse your face. Repeat if needed, just don’t rub your face.

I will stop here, but I promise to come back with more advice on skincare and also some tips for make-up.

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