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Makeup is one “accessory” we all wear at least from time to time. Maybe because we’re attending a fancy event, going out for the night.. or simply because we feel like doing so. But not always do we feel like wearing a full face makeup (or maybe we don’t have the products).. Not to mention that this season naked skin is sooo in. Well, I’ll take you through what I consider to be the tricks that have the biggest payoff.

Fill in your eyebrows

Even if you don’t plan on wearing foundation or eye make-up, just filling in your brows makes a huge difference. Plus, if you’re planning on taking some photos (who doesn’t at a party?) your face will look better defined and will have that awesome depth that is usually lost in photos. For this, you could use a brown pencil, or, for easy and fast results, a brow mascara (for example Gimmie Brow from Benefit)

Stop the shine

Shine like a star.. except when it comes to that triangle from the center of your face. I’m not for an “all matte make-ul” because I don’t find it youthful, but you should try to mattify your nose and the area around your mouth to avoid looking greasy. If you do that, a bit of shine on the cheeks and forehead will do nothing but good for your look.

Cover everything! (or not)

For a day to day make-up you don’t need to wear heavy foundation or try to cover every little blemish. Instead try to cover where you have big red spots and just dab a bit of concealer on acne spots. The more naked skin you can see on your face, the better. Just make sure you blend in that concealer very good. If the red is gone from your face I promise the other small problems will not stand out.

Add a drop of color

Mascara and colored lip balm and you’re good to go. If you want to get the best out of those 2, try to heat the mascara before using it (keep it in a pocket close to your skin and that’ll do) and apply some lip pencil before the lip balm. That way you’ll have a long lasting color that, even if you eat something oily, can be redone with just some lip balm.

Extra tips 

  1. If you plan on wearing both blush and lipstick, make sure they have the same undertone (no orange lips and pink cheeks please). If you don’t have a matching cheek product you can always use your lipstick and blend it well.
  2. You want to apply red lipstick? The first thing you have to do is to neutralize all the redness from your face. If you won’t, the color will look a bit messy and won’t do you any good.
  3. Waterproof mascara is just as good as any liquid eyeliner
  4. If you don’t feel like wearing foundation, but still want to even up your skin tone, mix your hydrating cream with some bb cream or foundation and welcome the healthy glow!
  5. Most important: Keep your skin hydrated! It makes all the difference in the world!

That’s it for today! Go and rock that makeup girl!

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