Get rid of ingrown hair & scars

Ingrown hair is a problem most of us girls have at east from time to time. Maybe January doesn’t seem to be the time when you’d care about this, but remember, scars don’t heal over night, and neither do miracles happen that fast either.  So, let’s see what’s the best way to get rid of ingrown hair now, in order to look awesome in short skirts or bikinis in the summer.

Exfoliation – with a turn!

I suppose this is no surprise for you, but exfoliation does indeed help. But I’m not talking here about mechanical exfoliation (like sugar scrubs, coffee or stuff like that) but more about chemical exfoliation. Scrubs are of course helpful when it comes to get rid of dead skin, but, in order to actually reach the hair that is trapped under the skin, you’d have to exfoliate in excess and hurt the skin quite badly. Use those 2 times per week for glowing skin, but don’t expect miracles, because the actual solution here is… AHA! As in AHA acids – alpha hydroxy acids, glycolic acids and enzymatic peels. Those have the power to “eat” all the dead skin, reduce inflammation, heal scars faster  and get rid of spots.

The thing with AHA exfoliation (like any kind of chemical peel actually) is that you need to stay away from the sun for a while .. And this is why winter is pretty much the perfect time to use peel all over those legs or bikini area. I started using this kind of cream in December and now, 1 month later most of the scars I had from trying to pick my ingrown hairs are gone.. and also, I cannot find any ingrown hair that is bothering me. The first results started to appear somewhere around 2 weeks after the first use, with 3-4 application/week – usually at night, after shower. Also, my skin looks now way better than before.

Already inflamed spots get treat with..?

Ok, ok.. I kept telling you about how good AHA is, but some application rules for the best results and tips for the inflamed skin? The last one is quite easy.. I’m inclined to say BHA acids (one must see I love acids, right?) but since body lotions with BHA are harder to find and you wouldn’t particularly need them unless you have body acne (I’ll treat this subject another time, promise) you can visit your local pharmacy for some Aspirin. It has salicilic acid and this is a very good BHA ingredient that tends to clear skin and reduce any inflammation. Just crush one aspirin, mix it with water or chamomile tea and apply it locally. And don’t pick the spot, mkey?

Rules for AHA application

  • apply it on clean skin.. yes, makes sense, just make sure it is also dry, because water diminishes AHA acids’ power
  • don’t apply any other cream over it at least for 10-15 minutes. For better and faster results, don’t apply anything and just go to sleep. Don’t worry, it won’t dry your skin 🙂
  • depending on the concentration decide how many times you apply it per week. If it’s bellow 5% you should use it daily, if it’s somewhere around 10%  3-4 times/week is enough. From my experience I would recommend the second one.. but do however suits you
  • use high SPF protection or hide from the sun

Take care of your skin in  nice, non-aggressive way and you will see how soon it will start to thank you!

ingrown hair aha