Myths busted + Tips and Tricks for beautiful skin

Yes, both Google and Pinterest are full of articles with skincare tips and tricks, but I think you should also know how these tips work and why, in order to pick what is actually suitable for you and you own skin.

Hydrating and nourishing/emollient are not the same thing! 

No matter how tempted you are to use products that would banish your sebum  and stay away from hydrating creams, this is actually a really bad thing to do to your skin. Oily skin can be just as sensitive as dry skin, therefore what you actually need is a very gentle cleanser (those for dry skin are also perfect for you) and a very good water based cream/serum. Remember, you need a lot of hydration because dehydrated skin is what actually leads to tons of sebum being secreted. Of course, the myth of not using creams isn’t totally false. But the point was not to use emollient and nourishing creams. Long story short.. if you have oily skin you need water, if you have dry skin, you need oils. 🙂

Masks aren’t miracle treatments you use only before a big event!

Of course, you could do that if you’re only looking for an instant result that only lasts a couple of hours. But for that you need a great mask and at least decent looking skin on the long term. But why would you do that when you could actually use them as part of your skincare routine and benefit from them on the long run? Just apply one every time you have some spare minutes (for example in the morning before apply make-up, or in the evening after shower) and you’ll see how much better your skin will look and feel in time. Mix them (you can apply 2 at once, on different parts of your face) and transform this idea of instant treatment into something that has permanent results.

Antioxidants + Retinol + SPF = amazing skin

If we had to restrain to only 3 ingredients this is what I’d recommend for amazing skin. No expensive creams, no miracle treatments. Antioxidants are amazing for dull, tired skin (if you don’t have a serum/cream with antioxidants, fresh grapes are amazing, so just toss them in a mask ). Retinol is a life saver when it comes to wrinkles, spots and other skin problems (what retinol actually does is to tell your skin cells to act healthy) while SPF is what will keep you forever young. Ok, I may be overreacting here, but trust me, sun is the most damaging element and SPF is the knight dressed in white.

I’ll stop here for now, but I will come back with detailed articles for all kinds of skin types pretty soon!

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