Full body skincare

When it comes to skincare, the biggest mistake most people do is to stop right under the chin.

I know that legs for example are not as sensitive as the skin from our face, but, if you wanna be prepared 24/7 for any kind of event, it’s time you started taking care of your entire body. Of course, there are also some extremely sensitive parts of our body that require special care, which is why I’ll present tips & tricks for each part, in order to not generalize too much.Face, Neck & Chest

The skin covering these areas is usually thin, sensitive, and most of the times prone to wrinkles. The best advice I can give you here is to extend the routine you have for your face also on your neck and chest. You can skip chemical exfoliants if you think there’s absolutely no need for them, but face creams, masks and other treatments are welcome.

Hands & Feet

I am talking about this part of the body in particular because it is much more exposed to wind, cold, sun etc. than any other. For the skincare part, I recommend having 2 types of hand cream/lotions. One extremely nourishing that you can use at home (maybe as a treatment if you apply a thick layer and then put on some gloves) and one that is light and has SPF protection. Yes, yes.. SPF for your hands. If you don’t find a hand cream with SPF a body lotion should also do the trick. This way you’ll stay away from brown spots (you may not see them now, but they’re there, waiting to show up) and you will also have a continuous skin tone all over. After all, it looks quite weird if you have a milk white face and then, when sneezing you show a quite tanned/red hand, no?

You could use the idea of treatments also on your feet. Just apply a thick cream/lotion and put on some socks. This works a thousands times better than any expensive foot lotion.


This is another part of the body that may require special care. Of course, this depends on the method you use for hair removal. If you’re like me and then to get ingrown hair or small brown scars (because it’s so hard to restrain from picking them, right?) you could benefit from some AHA lotion. I used one from Alpha Hydrox (I think this is the name) and I got rid of my problems in less than 1 month, so yay! Anyway, the point is that AHA acids are good for small scars, discolorations and other superficial skin problems and I strongly recommend them.

Rest of the Body

Ok, here it is easy.. Just use a nourishing/hydrating lotion, depending on your need. Rule is: nourishing for very dry skin, while hydrating goes for all kinds of skin that lack water. Also, you could benefit from scrubbing from time to time with some shower gloves or a nice fine scrub. Just, please, don’t use that on your face and neck, ok?

body skincare final