Tips for good looking hair

The times when hairspray and mousse were our gods are long gone and now, what actually catches the eye isn’t elaborate hairstyles, but healthy looking, shiny hair with a lot of movement.

I don’t think it is too hard to achieve this, especially if you pay attention to what actually makes the difference. I’ll make 2 categories: rules – you can’t go  without them – and tricks – for even better results.


  • Make sure you don’t have split ends. I know you might be wanting grow your hair and feel bad about cutting it, but if you want it to look nice at any given hour, do this. Oils will never glue your split ends back together. You can reduce the damage by going to a good hair stylist and ask him not to cut from the length, but to work out some nice layers in your hair. This comes with a nice bonus anyway: extra volume
  • Stop adding tons of products. You might feel tempted to add I don’t know what spray in order to get beach waves, or mousse and hairspray just because you feel your hair will never stay in place. But this build up of products is bad for your scalp, for your hair (it gets quite dull after a while) and it doesn’t even look as good as you might expect it to be. Try instead to put it into a high top knot or a cool braid. It will look awesome both when it is styled and also when you comb it down (volume + light waves.. who wouldn’t love that?)
  • Don’t comb it when it is wet. Never!


  • Exchange your usual towel for a thin cotton t-shirt. Yes, even if your towel is made of cotton. The texture is quite different and the t-shirt will help you dry your hair faster
  • Try to skip using a hairdryer from time to time. This way more moisture will be locked in your strands and they won’t be that tangled.
  • Look for a shampoo without silicone. I think this is the most important product that changed how my hair looked for good. I use one from Yves Rocher, but feel free to use whichever suits you. Just check the ingredients and try to skip the ones that have ingredients ending in “cone”
  • When you’re wearing scarves, try to keep your hair in a top knot. This way you won’t get that awful dreads at the back of your head
  • Sleep on silky pillows – this works because silk and satin don’t absorb that much oils and moisture from your hair as cotton does, therefore, you hair won’t get too dry
  • If you’re going to the gym, try to at least wet your hair after the workout (in case you can’t properly wash it) because this will take away all the sweat that will make it tangle and greasy.

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