Acne Solutions + diy mask

Acne is a skin problem that haunts us even after we’re past adolescence. Most of us end to have smaller or bigger issues with acne even when we’re 20 or 30. The good thing is that now we’re old enough to realize what causes this problem (nop, it’s not dirt as people used to say when we were 12) and we have lots of products that we can buy either online or at the drugstore that have amazingly good results.

Anyway, when I’m talking about acne, I’m talking about all the problems that come with it: spots, blackheads, clogged pores and irritation. It is an old myth that only people with oily skin have problems with acne and that harsh products that contain alcohol are the answer. Stop! This is not true and the long term results are devastating if you use these kinds of irritating products. After all,  believe it or not, skin that suffers from acne is usually very sensitive and harsh ingredients irritate it more, therefore leading to even more breakouts.

So, first step, and one of the most important ones is to ditch your usual cleanser and rather pick one for sensitive skin. Good.. now you can go further to solving your problems. What you need to do next is to try to clean your pores from the inside. And no, you don’t need some super cleanser or anything like that, but rather an exfoliant that is absorbed inside the pores and unclogs them. The best one here is BHA acid that literally melts the sebum blocks fro inside your pores leading to an amazing skin in time. You can find it in many concentrations:

  • for normal, daily use: 1-2% BHA that you have to apply at night on clean and dry skin. Don’t apply any cream on top of it for 10-15 minutes
  • weekly treatments: somewhere around 4-5% (same rule as above)
  • spot treatment (this can even reach 10%) and it is recommended to be applied only on the spots, because using it on healthy skin would lead to dry patches
  • professional peel treatments 15% or more. You can’t do this at home or find a product with this concentration online. Instead go to a dermatologist, ask more information and he will tell you if it is or not suitable for you.

Salicilic acid is also a very good ingredient that can be found in BHA acids. It follows the same rules as above, or it can be used in a more home made way if you don’t have anything else at hand. For that you just need to mix some crushed aspirin with honey and apply it onto your face as a mask. Leave it for 20 minutes or so and then rinse well with chamomile tea or warm water. Use this mask 2 times/week and you should be able to see good results in time.

Anyway, the entire point of fighting acne is to find the best product for you (BHA acids that you use daily or once every 2-3 days, or masks) and incorporate them in your routine. Once you use them regularly your skin will start to look way better.

Also, a very important PS. no matter which of the products you use, ALWAYS apply SPF protection during the day, since your skin will be a bit more sensitive than usual (and also because that is an important thing to do if you want wrinkle free skin)

acne final