Coffee miracles against cellulite

How long have you been struggling to get rid of orange-peel skin?

If you’re not among the lucky ones who have perfect legs and a nice smooth bottom, then you might find this revealing!

Stop throwing away your coffee grounds after having your coffee, cause it might be of great service to you! So.. I knew you could use them to exfoliate your face (more on this in a future article, promise!) and as plant fertilizer, but I wanted to know more about the alternative usage of coffee grounds and here’s what I found out.

Everybody knows how difficult it is to get rid of cellulite. It takes a lot of efforts and motivation. You have to exercise regularly and pay attention to what you eat, isn’t it? Well, here comes something which will totally make it easier for you to get that nice and smooth skin. No more expensive fat-reducing creams which never work!

Put aside two handfuls of coffee grounds – this is what I generally use, but you can do with less. When it’s time to take your shower, mix the coffee grounds with two large spoons of olive oil. Once you have a relatively homogeneous composition rub your legs and your hips for a few minutes and, if you have time, let it soak into your skin for a bit.

The olive oil is very hydrating and healthy for your skin, while the coffee grounds exfoliate, removing the dead skin and leaving it smooth and silky – all natural without any harmful chemicals!

Moreover, coffee is energizing not only when you drink it. It has a tonic effect on your skin too and improves blood circulation.

Do this three times per week and when you have a little more time, such as during weekends, you can lay the coffee mixed with olive oil on your legs and wrap them in a plastic film used for cooking and rest for 20-30 minutes. Wash off and you’ll notice the difference immediately after! You can do the wrapping twice a month or every 3 weeks for guaranteed results in time.