Natural ways to heal cold sores

This condition is extremely unsightly and unpleasant, it takes a few days to heal and often requires local treatment. But no need to panic, to run the pharmacy immediately or use tons of foundation. Fortunately, you can get rid of it quickly if you use these natural treatments since the first signs. ...

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Homemade remedies against blackheads

Even if you’re proud of your flawless skin, sure you faced at some point with the problem of blackheads, which, while not harmful, are definitely unsightly. They typically appear in the T-zone skin, but there are situations when they occur on cheekbones too. Blackheads form when pores are clogged with ...

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Facelift at home: Rejuvenating face masks

Certainly you have in the kitchen  a few common ingredients that act as a professional facelift when added to a face mask for rejuvenation; more accurate, they “tighten” the skin, to look firmer and brighter. Egg white makes everything in the facelift of the rejuvenation mask. It contains lutein, an ...

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