SOS Makeup Tricks

makeup tricks diy

Makeup is one “accessory” we all wear at least from time to time. Maybe because we’re attending a fancy event, going out for the night.. or simply because we feel like doing so. But not always do we feel like wearing a full face makeup (or maybe we don’t have ...

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SOS – fast skincare tips

skincare sos tips

New Year’s party is knocking at the door, so I decided to bring together some of the fastest working skincare tips. Pimples appearing out of the bloom? If they’re the big monsters hidden under the skin, apply some ice as soon as you see it coming. After that, on clean ...

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Get rid of dark circles!

dark circles diy naturally

When life is on fast-forward, our sleep hours decrease, while stress levels get higher and higher. And that is one thing that tends to show on our faces. Skin looks dull, ashy, eyes are tired.. and the undereye area? wha, puffiness and dark circles. Of course there’s always makeup you ...

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Get rid of oily hair in seconds

oily roots hair diy 1

You know those mornings where either the alarm clock stopped working, or that’s what you plan to say at school because you decided you wanted 10 more minutes in bed? Yes, we all did that at some point (and probably will again sooner or later). But what if you wake ...

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DIY scrub tips and recipes

diy scrub

When wanting to get silky hydrated skin, exfoliating the dead cells is a must. Of course, we can find lots of scrubs in any store, but is it worth it to buy one, instead of doing it yourself at home? I think it is not and I guarantee that you ...

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Grow out your eyebrows with oils

grow brows

We’re not in the ’80s anymore, and thin round eyebrows have stopped being in trend for quite a while. Meanwhile, strong brows are something to be seen more and more often on the catwalk, on the street, in the magazines. Pretty much everywhere. But remember how much you loved the ...

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Milia removal – with no scars

milia diy 1

Milia is a skin problem that many of us confront with. It’s those little white bumps on your skin, especially around your eyes, and no, it’s not acne. The problem with Milia is that it doesn’t seem to go away. For example I’ve been having one spot near my right eye ...

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The power of paper sheets

paper sheets beauty secrets

We all have paper sheets or napkins in our kitchens, bathrooms, or at least in one drawer. We use them when eating, when cleaning… but do we use them in beauty? Over the last months I’ve realized that paper sheets are a real gold mine when it comes to beauty ...

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