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Whiter teeth – the healthy way

Having healthy white teeth is more than just an aesthetic choice nowadays, it’s more of a necessity. And this is why so many articles about teeth whitening have appeared. The problem is… how do you know which is for real and which is not? Well, I talked to my dentist ...

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Make your own deodorant

All conventional deodrants contain aluminium compounds that are proven to cause neurological damage, cancer and inflamation of the sweat glands. That is why, a very handy and healthy solution is making your own deodorant at home. One thing is certain, sweat itself does not smell. It’s the bacteria and toxins ...

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Natural ways to heal cold sores

This condition is extremely unsightly and unpleasant, it takes a few days to heal and often requires local treatment. But no need to panic, to run the pharmacy immediately or use tons of foundation. Fortunately, you can get rid of it quickly if you use these natural treatments since the first signs. ...

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