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Full body skincare

body skincare final

When it comes to skincare, the biggest mistake most people do is to stop right under the chin. I know that legs for example are not as sensitive as the skin from our face, but, if you wanna be prepared 24/7 for any kind of event, it’s time you started ...

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Tips for good looking hair

hair tips final

The times when hairspray and mousse were our gods are long gone and now, what actually catches the eye isn’t elaborate hairstyles, but healthy looking, shiny hair with a lot of movement. I don’t think it is too hard to achieve this, especially if you pay attention to what actually ...

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SOS Makeup Tricks

makeup tricks diy

Makeup is one “accessory” we all wear at least from time to time. Maybe because we’re attending a fancy event, going out for the night.. or simply because we feel like doing so. But not always do we feel like wearing a full face makeup (or maybe we don’t have ...

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Get rid of oily hair in seconds

oily roots hair diy 1

You know those mornings where either the alarm clock stopped working, or that’s what you plan to say at school because you decided you wanted 10 more minutes in bed? Yes, we all did that at some point (and probably will again sooner or later). But what if you wake ...

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